How can an entrepreneur benefit from an Executive Coach?


Entrepreneurs pride themselves for being their own boss.  Working on their terms – when they want and how they want.  It is one of the many rewards of entrepreneurship that offset the significant risk.

There can be some challenges with this way of working, one of which is accountability.  Many entrepreneurs have accountabilities to investors, staff or clients for the overall performance of the business, but who are they accountable to for their own personal growth, achievements and realization of their vision as the business continues to grow?

This is where an executive coach can help.  The purpose of the coach is to work with an individual – executive, entrepreneur or leader to help them to get from point A to point B – removing roadblocks and eliminating excuses.

Some examples of how an executive coach can be of value to an entrepreneur:

  • Have you been avoiding hiring or firing your first employee?  We will help you to determine the steps to take action and hold you accountable to doing them within the timelines we establish together.
  • Are you avoiding the preparation needed for an upcoming pitch or speaking engagement?  We can help you to understand your roadblocks, shift to positive self talk and ensure you are prepared.
  • Do you have a big decision to make in your business – taking on a lease, adding another location, selling your business or winding down a business that isn’t what you hoped for?  We can work with you to break down the decision in to key actions based on our own experiences as entrepreneurs.

PIVOT now offers 3 or 6 session coaching packages for entrepreneurs.  Contact us to get started!



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